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Anonymous asked:

89059310976/this-isnt-me-or-anyone-i-know-just-a-pic-i-found. Name, girl or source. Thanks

Someone send this pic to the blog by the submissoin option. Don’t really know her.

This isn’t me or anyone I know, just a pic I found online that I really like (not a fan of the cum splash, but beggars, choosers and all that). This girl looks almost identical to a barista I used to know. I guess that’s why I’m so into this pic. Anyway, enjoy. Let me know if you don’t want submissions of random pics. Otherwise, I’ll send some favorites from time to time.

wheatgerm34 asked:

Sorry if this is getting old, but I have to add my voice to the requests: You are far too cute to be so shy about posting pics of yourself. Everyone here would appreciate it, and what could be better than genuine adoration by people who share a common interest?

S2 Thanks S2

This made my day! ;)

I’ll think about it.


Anonymous asked:

Will you ever post more pics of you? You are amazingly beautiful, and I would love to see some more of you.

Don’t think so, I don’t really thing my body is that beautifull.

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